Salvador Cerna came to ESDC with over 25 years of community organizing experience. In recent years, he spearheaded The Resurrection Project’s community organizing efforts and civic participation, through which he developed a leadership curriculum that trained over 150 community members in the principles of community organizing, leadership development, etc. He also oversaw the planning, development, and implementation of the Neighborhood Quality of Life Plan which involved the participation of 1000 residents and 87 stakeholders. During the time he was employed at the governor’s office, he was responsible for implementing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) policy and introduced creative ways to reach out to special populations, such as millennials, Latinos, professional associations, and people identifying as LBGTQ+. He also formed the Housing Taskforce in the Back of the Yards and managed the public office of Congressman Luis Gutierrez, through which he oversaw the congressman’s community outreach efforts. He currently serves as ESDC’s Community Outreach Director, where he is leading the organization’s Shop Pilsen campaign.