The COVID-19 pandemic served as a reality check for people across the globe. Locally, many residents were not prepared for such an emergency, and families struggled to meet their basic needs. From one day to the next, families were faced with the uncertainty of knowing where they would get their next meal. Some were unable to pay their rent or mortgage. This has many people thinking about how they can begin to make more sensible financial decisions that can allow them to stand firmly amidst the storm and safeguard their future. Financial literacy programs can provide people with the necessary tools to build wealth, strengthen their financial security and enhance their well-being.

“Empowering young Latinos with financial knowledge is the key to reducing the wealth gap.”

~Beatríz Acevedo, CEO and co-founder of SUMA Wealth

Wills and Testaments

More than half of Americans do not have a will. What would happen to your assets after death? Without a will, state laws will determine who gets your assets and your heirs may face delays and expenses in trying to get their inheritance. ESDC offers bilingual workshops/webinars that can help you understand the following topics regarding wills and testaments:

  1. How much does it cost to set up a will?
  2. Who can I consult to be sure the document is complete and effective?
  3. What is an executor and do I need one?
  4. What happens if I have minor children?
  5. When should I update my will?
  6. What happens if I have existing debt and how does that affect my heirs?

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The stock market can act as a steppingstone for U.S. families to move up the socioeconomic ladder, safeguarding their future and that of their family. Lack of familiarity with concepts relating investing or knowledge as to how to get started can be the main reason as to why certain ethnic groups are less likely to invest in the stock market. ESDC offers no-cost, bilingual workshops that can help you become oriented with different types of investment options, including:

  1. Individual stocks, mutual funds and bonds
  2. Exchange-traded funds
  3. Cryptocurrency
  4. Real estate transactions
  5. Retirement accounts
  6. Foreign currencies

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Life Insurance

Can life insurance build wealth? It can certainly protect your family by providing them with a non-taxable amount at the time of death. Is your family protected? ESDC offers no-cost, bilingual webinars that can help you understand the differences amongst the various types of life insurances policies so that you can decide which option is the best one for you. Learn more about the following types of life insurance policies:

  1. Term life insurance.
  2. Whole life insurance.
  3. Universal life insurance.

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College Funds

Education should be a priority, since it can significantly impact the future quality of life of your children. Setting up a college fund for your children can reduce the need for student loans in the future. A 529 plan can allow your contributions to grow tax-free and are tax non-taxable as long as withdrawals are used for qualified education expenses. ESDC offers no-cost, bilingual workshops that shed light on the nuts and bolts of setting up a college fund for your children.

Please visit ESDC’s webinar calendar for information regarding upcoming webinars.

Business Real Estate Cohort

At least 80% of Pilsen owners do not own the storefront out of which they operate their business. This can make them become vulnerable to rising rent costs, potentially forcing them to move to a different location. ESDC offers the comfort of a cohort where business owners can learn how to build capital and become buyer-ready along with their peers so that they can come to own their own store-front building.


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