Stock Market Investment 101 Workshop for Children and Youth

August 6, 2022, 10:00 AM – Through fun activities and games, your children can learn about the importance of savings, how the stock market works, and will receive a $50-dollar stipend to be deposited into their very own savings account.

Hispanics are the ethnic group least likely to invest in the stock market in the US. Although the pandemic financially devastated many families, those who had stock market investments were able to offset some of their losses. Let’s change the narrative, and let’s start with our children to build a stronger financial future for our community. Through this fun workshop, children ages 8-14 will learn:
1) How the stock market works
2) The risks of investing
3) How to invest responsibly
4) How to navigate and use a practice investment app
5) What is a Robinhood custodial account?
Through our partnership with a local community bank, program participants will be able to open up a savings account, and receive a $50 stipend to be deposited into their new savings account!