Building Wealth: Intro to Investing Basics and Stocks

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This is the second of a wealth-building, bilingual, workshop series that will increase participants’ level of financial literacy while providing the necessary tools to become more financially savvy and self-empowered.

This no-cost, in-person and Zoom workshop will cover topics and questions like…

  • What does it really mean to invest in the stock market?
  • The Golden rules of investing.
  • How to Buy Stocks and find stocks to invest in

In addition, we will discuss what a stock is, what to consider when trading, and how to place the trade.

  • Stock Order Types: (Limit Orders, Market Orders and Stop Orders)
  • Order types can have a big impact on when, how, and at what cost an order gets filled
  • Trade Entry and exit
  • Paper Trading
  • Dividend Investing
  • Common trading mistakes to avoid
  • Technical analysis: What makes a good company (good business)

If you’re interested in getting on the road to a million dollars, please register to receive the Zoom link, here >>>>

The workshop is followed by one-on-one sessions with founder of Latinas Who Trade, Yoly Magaña-Valencia, an independent financial contractor who will provide financial coaching in English or Spanish to help program participants achieve their financial goals.

Reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities can be made a week in advance. For questions or more information, contact: Bibiana Sotelo, or 312-733-2287.

About Yoly Magaña-Valencia

Yoly is a money and business coach and author who is a consultant at a global real estate management and investment firm headquartered in Chicago. Based out of Miami and Chicago, she also serves as the Engagement Officer for Casa Central’s Emerging Leaders Auxiliary Board. She has received several recognitions for her work in the community. These include a recognition by Negocios Now: Who’s Who in Hispanic Chicago, a Workforce Impact award by Prospanica and numerous recognitions for her commitment and leadership as Director of Education for Prospanica’s Summer Enrichment Program. Her mission is to change the narrative among the Hispanic community regarding matters of wealth. She is the founder of Latinas Who Trade, a platform created to provide financial literacy education and resources to our community, more specifically to those who are interested in learning about building generational wealth, investing, proper retirement planning, and proper protection. * *